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Serving as

  • Trustee
  • Successor Trustee
  • Executor
  • Agent Under Powers of Attorney
  • Administrator
  • Representative Payee
  • Conservator


Personal Fiduciary Work

Finding the right trustee begins with identifying a responsible person who will provide practical solutions to individual needs.  My clients benefit from the services of one who not only administers their trust assets, but who also considers the unique and personal situations of each client.


Loyal and Accountable

I am impartial when carrying out terms of the trust document.  I provide detailed reporting and regular communication with beneficiaries.  I am known for my accurate and attentive manner.

I am absent from the emotions family members may have towards other family members.

Licenses and professional associations


Licensed California Professional Fiduciary

Professional Fiduciary Association of California

Pro Visors

OC Bar


Estate Planning Group Network

Price List

When needed, I will hire financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to assist me in administering the trust and I will use trust assets to pay their bills. When utilizing special skills or when unusual or extraordinary services are requested or required, reasonable additional charges will be assessed based upon the duties and responsibilities involved and the total time spent. detailed documentation will be provided.

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Mary Makler Professional Trustee

2872 Coast Circle, Huntington Beach, California 92649, United States

562 810 8341 mary@privatefiduciary.services

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